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Boost Your Metabolism with Rutin and lose Fat

Have you tried over and over to lose weight by cutting back on calories? Maybe you tried different diets as well, including low carbohydrate, but nothing is working. Your metabolism might be stuck in low gear. While this might be due to suboptimal thyroid function, (Click here to see my blog on the topic) you can still boost your metabolism with rutin supplements and lose those unwanted pounds – without dieting.

Rutin is a naturally occurring plant compound found in buckwheat, …

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How low calorie dieting causes weight gain – Confessions of a nutritionist

When I first became a nutritionist, I thought I knew how to help people lose weight. I was taught several different weight loss approaches in school, and they all involved lowering calorie intake by 300 to 500 calories a day, with a balanced diet. This approach will work with SOME people for a short period of time, (think weight watchers) but all too often the rebound weight gain leaves people heavier than ever. Julia Ross writes in The Diet Cure …

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Fat Busters: Lactoferrin and Whey

If you have struggled with weight your whole life, or you are stuck at a plateau, read on. Your problem might be that your fat is stuck inside your fat cells. Help is on the way.

What is lactoferrin?

It is peptide (small protein). In food, it is found in whey protein. It is also produced in human saliva and tears, but it is often absent in people with insulin resistance. Recent studies are uncovering the role that lactoferrin plays in fat …

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