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Getting Real – How to use a Food Diary

All change begins with self-awareness. You may think you know what you eat on a daily basis, but science says you are wrong. Nearly everyone underestimates the amount of calories they consume on a daily basis, and studies have repeatedly revealed that overweight and obese people underestimate by the largest margin. We can get into a chicken and egg phenomena, wondering which causes which, but a clear way to begin to put an end to the cycle is simply to …

Read more app – How technology can help you create a new habit

Have you ever set an intention to add a new healthy behavior? How often has it gotten lost in your busy life? Creating a new habit is no easy task. Our minds and our bodies both resist the change. It requires energy, planning, practice and persistence. Even when the new habit is pleasurable and easy to do.

Once you have made the decision to implement a new behavior, it is helpful to have reminders throughout the day to keep you on …

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