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gut microbes

What’s Bugging You? The surprising effect of gut bacteria on depression, anxiety, and mood.

You probably know that your mind and emotions can affect your digestion, but did you know it works the other way too? Studies on digestive health and brain function gained momentum several years ago, as researchers and parents alike sought solutions for children with autism, ADHD, or other learning disabilities. Several diets designed to reduce gut inflammation have been developed that indeed improve these symptoms for many, but the hot new research is focusing on probiotics and mood. Scientists are …

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bowl of vegetable soup

Easy Vegetable Soup

I find one of the most convenient ways to make sure my family eats enough vegetables is to have a hearty mixed vegetable soup on hand. I always keep some in the freezer, so I can make a quick dinner of an open faced avocado melt, or other kind of sandwich with a bowl of soup.  Now that we are into the colder months, I love taking a thermos of soup to work.

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Baked Mushroom Broccoli Stroganoff

Baked Mushroom-Broccoli Stroganoff

We had a young lady as a house guest this summer. As a college student, she was accustomed to living on pasta with butter. I started experimenting with baked pasta casseroles that I could make on the weekend, and that we could reheat during the week. We all fell in love with this recipe which is based upon a recipe I found in one of my mother’s old cookbooks. It has my suggested 20 grams of protein per serving, (more …

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