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Food for thought

Food, Mood and your Brain

Food and Your Brain

Ten years ago the idea that food could have a profound effect on the brain was totally foreign to me.  The research has really exploded recently, and today there are tens of thousands of published research studies on the topic. It is now known that there is a connection between what you eat and anxiety and depression, your stress response, memory, learning, cognition and behavior.

Food affects your brain through multiple means. It not only supplies vitamins, minerals …

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acid reflux pills

How Acid Reflux Medications can affect your Mental and Physical Health – And What to do about it

If you want to have a happy healthy body and brain, you need a functioning digestive system. Period. Having enough stomach acid to do the job is essential to digestion and health. You may think you have too much stomach acid, and that is why you were prescribed medication for acid reflux.

Later in this post, I will give you some suggestions and resources for supporting your health while taking these medications, but first let’s see why we need stomach acid …

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Eliminate the Blahs and Energize Your Life with Targeted Nutrients

Do you suffer from the blahs? Maybe you need coffee every morning to get you going, and to wake up your brain.

There are two different types of depression. There is the sad, irritable, worried, angry, low self-esteem, fearful kind, where it may be hard to sleep. This dark kind stems from low serotonin, and are often treated with SSRI drugs like Zoloft.

Then there is the low energy, low motivation, apathetic, type where it can be hard to drag yourself out …

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