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Food for thought

Food, Mood and your Brain

Food and Your Brain

Ten years ago the idea that food could have a profound effect on the brain was totally foreign to me.  The research has really exploded recently, and today there are tens of thousands of published research studies on the topic. It is now known that there is a connection between what you eat and anxiety and depression, your stress response, memory, learning, cognition and behavior.

Food affects your brain through multiple means. It not only supplies vitamins, minerals …

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Exhausted woman

Is adrenal burnout at the basis of your irritability?

Is adrenal burnout at the basis of your exhaustion, irritability, depression?

In this DIY guide to rejuvenating your adrenals, I will give you some strategies to get you feeling both relaxed and energized.

Where are you on the adrenal burnout scale?
Has your get up and go, got up and gone? Do you lack interest in life, or feel irritated at more and more things? Perhaps you are worried, depressed, or anxious. It can take as little as 3 weeks of chronic stress …

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Now is the time of year to join a CSA – to plan for eating well in the spring and summer

You may not be thinking yet about the bounty of spring and summer fruits, vegetables and herbs, while it is still snowing outside, but according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, now is the time to research and join a CSA – or Community Supported Agriculture Program. This is the right time of year, because many fill up quickly, and also because some will offer a discount for early sign-up.

How do CSA’s Work?

Members of a CSA pay a farmer …

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