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Boost Your Metabolism with Rutin and lose Fat

Have you tried over and over to lose weight by cutting back on calories? Maybe you tried different diets as well, including low carbohydrate, but nothing is working. Your metabolism might be stuck in low gear. While this might be due to suboptimal thyroid function, (Click here to see my blog on the topic) you can still boost your metabolism with rutin supplements and lose those unwanted pounds – without dieting.

Rutin is a naturally occurring plant compound found in buckwheat, citrus fruit, black tea, apple peel and a variety of other plant foods. It has been around for a long time as a supplement to help with blood vessel strength, improving collagen production, and hormonal conditions such as PCOS.

How much weight can you lose without dieting?

In a study published in The FASEB Journal, researchers discovered a 20% spike in metabolic rate which resulted in a weight loss of 13% of body weight over 10 weeks. So, for example, if you weigh 180 pounds that would be 23.4 pounds!

Rutin works by increasing the number of mitochondria in brown fat cells. These are the organelles of cells that are responsible for producing energy and burning calories. Additionally, rutin converts the white fat you want to get rid of into metabolism revving brown fat, for an extra boost.

How much to take. Rutin Supplement

To get effects similar to the study, take 250 mg three times a day. Caution: Do not take it if you pregnant or lactating.


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