bowl of vegetable soup

Easy Vegetable Soup

I find one of the most convenient ways to make sure my family eats enough vegetables is to have a hearty mixed vegetable soup on hand. I always keep some in the freezer, so I can make a quick dinner of an open faced avocado melt, or other kind of sandwich with a bowl of soup.  Now that we are into the colder months, I love taking a thermos of soup to work.

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statin drugs header

Taking a statin drug to lower cholesterol? Consider supplementing with CoQ10

You may have heard that CoQ10 is good for your heart. You might be surprised to learn that the statin drugs that you take to lower your cholesterol, and therefore to lower your risk of heart disease, lower your CoQ10 levels as well. Therefore the statin drugs may be benefitting you in one way, but harming you in another. There is evidence that statin drugs can cause myopathy (muscle injury) including cardiomyopathy and liver damage to about 1% of people …

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stomach ache

Gas and Bloating

What is it?

Excess gas production is a sign of incomplete digestion – at the very least. It is in the stomach or intestines. Bloating is caused by excessive gas production in the intestine.

If other digestive symptoms are present, it can be a sign of a more serious GI problem (disorder) such as malabsorption, bacterial imbalance in the intestine (dysbiosis), parasites, irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, gallbladder disease, disease Candida, gastroesphageal reflux disease (GERD) or even a pancreatic tumor.

Gas can be released …

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