Now is the time of year to join a CSA – to plan for eating well in the spring and summer

You may not be thinking yet about the bounty of spring and summer fruits, vegetables and herbs, while it is still snowing outside, but according to the Maryland Department of Agriculture, now is the time to research and join a CSA – or Community Supported Agriculture Program. This is the right time of year, because many fill up quickly, and also because some will offer a discount for early sign-up.

How do CSA’s Work?

Members of a CSA pay a farmer …

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Healthy New Year

Trade-in and Upgrade for the New Year

Maybe you have been thinking that you would like to improve your diet and health for the New Year, but you really aren’t ready for a total make over. That’s okay, you can simply make one or more trade-ins and upgrades, and gradually improve your health. Maybe pick one upgrade a month or so.

Here are some ideas by category. Each move to the right is a step in the direction of feeling and looking better.


Wheat bread → whole grain → …

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10 Eating tips for Balancing Blood Sugar

Useful anytime of the year, but essential during the Holiday Season!

Tip 1: Do not skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast destabilizes blood sugar for the entire day, resulting in cravings and often overeating in the afternoon and evening.
Tip 2: Eat protein with every meal and snack. Try for about 20 grams per meal and 7 grams per snack.
Tip 3: Eat whole fruit instead of drinking fruit juices. Smoothies made from whole fruit are fine. When appropriate, eat the skin.
Tip 4: Look for …

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