TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) symbol on colorful wooden cube

Could it be my thyroid?

Many people get a standard thyroid blood test (TSH) as part of their annual physical, and are told that their thyroid is fine. But they don’t feel fine.  Sound familiar? Maybe you have struggled with weight for years, trying every diet, losing a bit and then regaining even more. Over and over again. Perhaps like many people you have tortured yourself with excessive exercise routines in an attempt to stop the ever increasing weight gain. Or perhaps you have been …

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Eliminate the Blahs and Energize Your Life with Targeted Nutrients

Do you suffer from the blahs? Maybe you need coffee every morning to get you going, and to wake up your brain.

There are two different types of depression. There is the sad, irritable, worried, angry, low self-esteem, fearful kind, where it may be hard to sleep. This dark kind stems from low serotonin, and are often treated with SSRI drugs like Zoloft.

Then there is the low energy, low motivation, apathetic, type where it can be hard to drag yourself out …

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How low calorie dieting causes weight gain – Confessions of a nutritionist

When I first became a nutritionist, I thought I knew how to help people lose weight. I was taught several different weight loss approaches in school, and they all involved lowering calorie intake by 300 to 500 calories a day, with a balanced diet. This approach will work with SOME people for a short period of time, (think weight watchers) but all too often the rebound weight gain leaves people heavier than ever. Julia Ross writes in The Diet Cure …

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