Zen in a Tablet: L- Theanine

Since ancient times, tea has been used as a relaxing and refreshing beverage.  Although tea has many health promoting compounds in it which act as antioxidants, the relaxing effect comes from a unique amino acid called L-theanine.  This amino acid is found only in tea, and unlike other amino acids, it is not used by the body to make proteins.  “Suntheanine” is the name given to a patented very pure form of L-theanine, which is available in capsules and some …

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birth control pills

Birth Control Pills, Depression and Vitamin Depletion

The use of oral contraceptives may contribute to depression or insomnia. As women, we all know that hormone fluctuations have effects on our moods. Some women actually experience an improvement in their mood while taking oral contraceptives. Yet a portion of women experience depression, and this may be related not to the hormonal effects, but to vitamin and mineral depletion.

Oral contraceptives deplete five of the key vitamins and minerals that are needed to make our feel good neurotransmitters, like serotonin, …

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Genes, Nutrients and Mental Health

Part One of Series: Genes, Nutrients and Mental Health

As a nutritionist specializing in mental health, one of the most promising and exciting areas of research and discovery for me is the world of genetic investigation and how nutrients impact and compensate for genetic vulnerabilities.

I decided to write a several part series to bring you up to speed on the common terms and common tests, and the possibilities they offer. There is much research still needed to be done, but we …

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